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Derrick Jones Management offers student admission arrangements and student visa application processing are free of cost. Students also will get a free Airport pick up from New Zealand airports upon arrival. Talk to us to get a course of study that leads into a great career opportunity or a higher academic qualification that you always dreamed in your life.

Derrick Jones Management supports students from New Zealand’s local market and overseas countries in the past 20 years to get admission with courses that help them to land on a job as soon as they complete their program of study.

Do not get confused anymore where to begin. Why confine yourselves in the limited space of opportunities when you can stretch your wings beyond that? At Derrick Jones Management, students can have the finest support and guidance in pursuing overseas education from the best universities in New Zealand.

With our assistance students can choose the best course that suit their skill set and career aspirations. We handpick the best practice for you to get qualified with world class educational assistance and guidance.

New Zealand has some of the best universities in the world offering cost effective quality education. We will process your student visa application free of cost.
You can also enjoy a hassle free tax registration, train and bus passes and free job training and placement assistance. Our office staff will come and pick you up from accommodation place and drop you off at your college for the first week of your arrival in New Zealand.
The right courses will help you gain international qualifications for registration and practice as a general practitioner, Dentist, Pharmacist, Teacher, Nurse, Radiologist, medical lab technologist, Physiotherapist, Engineer and other professions that require registration with relevant authorities in New Zealand.


Derrick Jones provide the best career counselors from new Zealand and India who can guide you with the process of choosing right course and right institution and walk you through the process. Our counselors can provide you solutions in great detail for the educational enquiries of international students regarding the system and institutions.

oriented courses

Our course counselors are well trained to provide information about pathway courses that can support the students’ educational journey towards a Doctoral Degree from the world ranking Universities of New Zealand. You will get the best possible study and career guidance from fully trained and New Zealand based staff members.

03Living in
New Zealand

Enjoy the best quality education in one of the world’s peaceful places. Derrick Jones Management makes it sure that you receive the best and affordable accommodation throughout your student life.

04Part time
job opportunity

Many students desire a part time job along with studies that can help them with room rent, power phone or other expenses. Part time jobs can also give you a completely different exposure and skill set about anything you chose to do. We will help the students find good workplaces that can also teach you a life skill. We will also arrange internships for students without prior work experiences so they can improve on their skill set.

05Post study
Employment support

We can provide placement assistance for industry training in New Zealand. Employers in New Zealand will look for local training or work experience before hire someone for a job opportunity in their business.

Contact us to get a course admission and a student visa to study in New Zealand.

We support international students with employment information sessions and workshops to get familiar with New Zealand industrial standard and work culture which helps a student to understand how to get a job in the competitive job market of New Zealand.

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Our brochure explores everything you need to know including an outline of study options, key information about enrolment, and all our campuses spread around New Zealand

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