Why confine your student life when you have the whole world open before you?

Get into the finest educational hubs and reap the best out of it. DerrickJones Management is associated with major universities, polytechnics, training institutions, colleges and schools for student recruitment purpose. Reliable institutions, hassle-free visa processing and overseas student assistance in accommodation, part-time jobs etc. are few of the many services we offer in this segment. This is why a session with DerrickJones can benefit you with the best foreign education experience.

Worried about your stay?

Accommodation is one of the main areas of concern when it comes to foreign education. Your relationship with Derrick Jones Management will be an ongoing one, guiding you throughout your student life. As part of this commitment we are bound to take care of this part.

Almost all the universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Europe are equipped with multiple campus residence options such as student residence halls, uni-lodge, apartment blocks etc. Some of the accommodation facilities have canteens and cafes and others have shared kitchen facilities where you can cook your own food. Derrick Jones Management will ensure your accommodation requirement has met before you leave from your country.

The above options can be costly in most of the cases. Therefore if you are in search of more economic residential options we can arrange that for you through our offices or representatives in that particular destination.

Got plans to work while studying?

Different countries have different rules for international students on part-time or full-time work. A part-time job while studying can help you to pay your room rent, power, phone, Wi-Fi and food expenses. Student often have a great life style when they manage their studies and a well-paid part-time or full-time job. We also arrange internship for students who are not having work experience, to get necessary skills to raise their standards as a local person. Our international students have 90% higher chances for a job in New Zealand, Australia and Canada than other students, as we are having an active network of employers in all above mentioned destinations.

Our Auckland office will give you information about job vacancies and internship opportunities in New Zealand. We will get your tax number which is necessary to start working in New Zealand. Most of the employers in New Zealand consider recommendations to hire new employees for their business instead of recruitments through job advertisements. Our office will help you to meet with potential employers and recruiters to have a great career in New Zealand

Representatives of Derrick Jones Management provide you information and guidelines about your part-time or full-time job in Australia. Our local representatives hold contacts with various industries and business firms where you can have short term or long term employment that can lead into a full-time career.

Most of the Universities and colleges offer part-time job assistance for international students. We support you with preparing CV in Canadian context, preparations for a job interview and correct documentation while applying for a job. Being an international student, you will be assisted by our local representatives for your initial settling in Canada.

You must need an Irish bank account and a Personal Public Service Number (PPS) to get employed and paid in Ireland. Dublin is the hot spot for part-time and full time jobs in Ireland. Our overseas offices and support staff members will help you to find an employment in the competitive job market.

Some European countries like Estonia, allows International students to work without an additional work permit while studying unless their job does not affect their studies negatively. Most cases students can apply for a temporary work or residence permit for employment after completion of their studies.

The popular destination countries for Indian students who wish to settle abroad permanently will be Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Derrick Jones Management has its local representatives in Cochin (India), Auckland (New Zealand), Melbourne (Australia), Sharjah (United Arab Emirates), Amsterdam (Netherlands) and Toronto (Canada).