How far can your qualification and experience take you?

Soar higher in your career by migrating to newer realms. We aid professionals to migrate to foreign destinations of their choice. You may be a nursing professional, an IT expert or a person belonging to any professional background in search of a more prosperous career ground. Our team can aid you with taking the best decisions, registration, visa processing, job search and settlement services. We also provide professionals the best-in-class training programs to get through the qualifying tests.

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Contact us for a Work or Residence Visa

Who will take care of your stay?

Your relationship with Derrick Jones Management will be an ongoing one. As part of this commitment we are bound to take care of this part. We do arrange private accommodation for nurses, professionals and other work and residence visa holders, as they prefer to have their own room or apartment to live in. Derrick Jones Management can arrange your accommodation in New Zealand, Australia, Middle East, Canada, Ireland, UK, Netherlands and other part of Europe through our offices or representatives who lives overseas.

Need job assistance?

Many job seekers can take longer time to get an offer of employment, while a few may succeed to land in their desired profession. Each country is unique and mostly need assistance to find a job and settle down. Skill and qualification alone are not just enough to get an offer of employment if the applicant is a migrant mostly because of their lack of time to invest in visa application process of their applicants.

Derrick Jones Management can execute both the work and Residence visa application process for job seekers on behalf of New Zealand employers.

If you are an IT professional, Accountant, Mechanical Engineer, Social Worker, Nurse, Teacher, Pharmacist or similar professional, you may need registration from relevant authorities to get a job and settle down in a country where you want to spend the rest of your life.

formalities to find an employment

Preparing you for an interview and introduce you to potential employers.

Executing the documentation process for your professional registration with relevant authorities.

Get in touch with your employer on your behalf and get done all necessary immigration documentation and visa processing.

We screen the best suitable job that support your visa for your stay back.

Introduce you professionals who are working in your area of education and skills to access first-hand information about job responsibilities and build your network of contacts.

Get a mentor who can give you free professional advice and coaching about settling in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and the Europe.

Work place standard, social and economic background may differ when you look for a job as a foreign student or migrant worker. We support you with English language training, internships, voluntary programs, paid training, part-time and full time jobs.